My Journey

Greetings and welcome to Moonflower Essentials!  My name is Barb, and I discovered my passion for artisanal soap-making as I began a new chapter in the Summer of ’01.  Following colorful careers as an Interior Designer in LA & Seattle, then travelling the far-reaching seas as Crew aboard private sailing yachts, it was at an Earth festival workshop in the Northwest – Vashon Island – that I settled in. These 22 years, I’ve continuously expanded my collection of essential oils and evolved in my craft.  I’ve branched out with nurturing products such as vitamin-enriched Hand & Body Lotions, skin-nourishing Body Oil, therapeutic Body Butter, softening Lip Balm, playfully fizzy Bath Bombs, Apothecary items and Gift Packages.

Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated with the origins of ingredients and the diversity of the world around us. I appreciate the offerings of Mother Nature and believe in leaving minimal impact.  This motivates Moonflower Essentials to use no synthetic scents, or animal products (with a sensible exception of creamy goat’s milk).  Precious essential oils are mindfully blended with the intentions of their aromatic qualities, naturally gratifying the senses, beautifully.

About the Soaps:

I use a traditional Cold-Process technique, with origins in ancient times. Handcrafted in small batches, each bar a unique work of art.

I begin by combining Olive, Coconut, sustainably-sourced Palm and other plant-based oils with filtered water, sodium hydroxide, distinctly blended essential oils and other natural ingredients before pouring into a mold. A variety of bars include botanicals from our garden such as cuts of lavender, mint, rosemary, sage and dried flowers. The soap is then carefully sliced and safe to use after 24 hours, however, it’s cured on drying racks for several weeks, resulting in a hard bar of soap, retaining the natural glycerin which softens the skin. This is unlike many industrially-manufactured bars, when glycerin is lost in the process.

You’ll experience a rich, foamy lather and exceptional aromas as you emerge gently moisturized.  The result, a very happy clean!

I hope you will enjoy the nurturing and revitalizing sensations of therapeutic aromas and the moisturizing benefits of my handmade body care products.

Created with nature’s elements in Denver, Colorado
Packaging is minimal and reusable or recyclable |  No testing on animals
A percentage of each sale is donated in support of global womens’ programs

Thank you for supporting small-batch crafters!